district energy st. paul brochures

District Energy St. Paul, a non-profit company and national leader in renewable energy solutions, invited us to develop a visual brand that would set District Energy St. Paul apart from other energy providers and appeal to–and educate–a broad audience ranging from policy makers, service customers, environmental groups, and the community at large. Starting with a brand overhaul incorporating bold images and easy to understand infographics, we created a 3-part brochure that, individually, speak to focused audiences. When bound together, the brochure delivers a complete overview of the company and its services.


Ever-Green Energy, a for-profit subsidiary of District Energy St. Paul, needed dynamic communication tools to show that it was a serious contender in the energy industry among large, established national and international engineering and consulting groups. Using the same format as District Energy’s brochure, we created a 3-part, multi-angle piece directed specifically to Ever-Green Energy’s audience, with visuals and messaging that convey the science behind its methods and creativity of its approach.




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