we arehumbleweed creative

we turn complex into creative.

We specialize in systems thinking, exploring issues from multiple view points, and pushing boundaries to untangle complex problems. We work with your team to understand your organization’s processes, systems, data, and goals, then create easy-to-understand illustrations, infographics, and compelling stories that are sure to resonate with your audiences.

we put sustainability + design into practice.

With trained sustainability professionals, Humbleweed Creative is a valuable strategic partner that adds credibility to your work. We can help you differentiate your product or service, elevate your brand, and shape a great sustainability story that motivates your customers.

we check our egos at the door.

We believe that respect and humility make us better listeners, learners, and creative collaborators. We are curious. We ask questions. We personalize our process to meet your organization’s unique needs and goals.

we operate with a tiny footprint and a big heart.

Whether its choosing environmentally-responsible products and vendors, commuting by bike and EV, or volunteering for things we care about, we live our values personally and professionally. In addition, Humbleweed Creative donates 5% of every dollar earned to local nonprofits through our annual giving campaign. Every year we choose three organizations that share our values of conservation, environmental education, and social equity and are working to make our community a better place to live, work and play.


Rita Penrod, design partner

“Most of the world’s problems have been by design, without consideration of consequences to the greater system. But that gives me hope, because if problems can be designed, so can the solutions. We have the opportunity–the moral obligation–to rethink design, to create outcomes that do no harm.”

  • BFA Graphic Design / Sustainable Design / corporate, creative firm, freelance / 30+ years

Amy Dritz, design partner

“I’ve always felt that design goes beyond an exercise in creativity. I love the challenge of solving problems within the constraints of time, budget, functionality, and effectiveness. When I added environmental and social responsibility to that list over a decade ago, my design work finally felt whole.”

  • BFA Graphic Design / MA Sustainable Design / in-house, public agency / 20 years