Humbleweed Creative chose “Positive Energy” as the 2019 theme for our Pay It Forward giving program. Not only are we thankful for our clients who are focused on providing clean energy solutions, we are committed, as individuals and creative professionals, to entering this new decade with a positive outlook and renewed energy for climate action. All of our 2019 Pay It Forward recipients are taking actions to build resilient, sustainable, and equitable communities through education and access to clean, sustainable energy. We are proud to support three exceptional organizations in the following categories:

We love Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center’s positive environmental messages inside and outside the classroom. Their new lodge will be the first structure in Minnesota to earn the Living Building Challenge certification – the most rigorous and ecologically sound certification for buildings – by using only renewable energy produced on-site, healthy materials, water recycling, and more. Visitors will also be able to use technologies to monitor their personal energy and water consumption during their stay to become better-informed stewards of the earth.

Social Justice: 
The Center for Earth, Energy & Democracy is truly a positive force in the environmental justice movement. They engage with local communities and policymakers to ensure they have the tools and information needed to create just, sustainable energy and environmental policy. CEED’s work on Minneapolis Green Zones, energy vulnerability modeling, and climate resiliency planning is helping to transform marginalized neighborhoods and communities.

Healthy Communities: 
Rural Renewable Energy Alliance creates positive impacts across entire communities. RREAL is dedicated to making solar energy accessible to everyone, particularly in greater Minnesota. They provide solar energy assistance to low-income families, communities, and schools, along with solar education workshops, hands-on training, and new job opportunities.

Photo courtesy of Rural Renewable Energy Alliance