At Humbleweed Creative, we stand in solidarity with and show our unconditional support for the black communities here in Minneapolis and across the nation. We are deeply saddened by the loss of George Floyd’s life and all the other countless black lives before him.

For far too long our governments, institutions, and society have allowed systemic racism to exist and accepted it as the norm. Year after year we see communities of color, marginalized, exploited, and traumatized. It must stop. It must change.

We do not judge the emotions or actions of the black communities who must live with this daily. Their grief and outrage is justified. Their suffering has been laid bare for all of us to see.

We recognize our privilege and know that we have participated in and benefited from a system where others have not. We also do not want to be a performative ally, but instead, put our money where our mouth is. This year, our “Pay it Forward” program will focus on supporting the Twin Cities black communities. In addition to monetary donations, we will dedicate ourselves to listening to the black communities and showing up as an ally in whatever ways they need us most.

We aspire to create a more kind, sustainable, and just world that does not exploit people or the earth we all share.